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School of Logistics

Your One Stop Shop for 3PL, Drivers, Dispatchers, and Entrepreneurs! 

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Courses and training we offer:


**Starting a Trucking Company with or without a Commercial Driver License (includes authority information and instructions)


**Dispatch Course 


**Broker Course


Marketing using Social Media


How to outsource labor at a fraction of the cost


How to build business credit (tier 1-4)


Deciding on the tax entity that suits your needs


Record keeping with spreadsheets


Create Charts and graphs know where your money is going and percentage of profit


How to secure government contracts 


How to establish state disability insurance through your state's local government 


List of Load Boards


How to post your truck


**online course includes manual and vital documents sent electronically


**in-person classes available 

For questions feel free to contact us via email at:

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